Healthy Eating Tips

Food that provides you nutrients is important, now more than ever. Here are some Healthy Eating Tips:

Healthy eating is a pivotal part of healthy aging and having some quick tips under your belt could allow you to live a healthier, longer life.

1. Drink More Liquids

Drinking plenty of water is important all throughout life and especially as we begin to age. You will find yourself losing the urge to drink, yet it keeps you hydrated and healthy. Think about getting a reusable water bottle and keeping it in your car or by your bed to remind yourself to drink water.

2. Eat More Fruits and Veggies

Fruits and vegetables not only give you tons of health benefits, they also make your meals more colorful – and more fun to eat! Try adding your favorite veggies to meals that don’t include them, you may find yourself enjoying them more. Current research also details the benefits of fiber in your diet to feed the good bacteria in your digestive system and promote regularity. After consulting with your healthcare professional, you may choose to take pro-biotics, pre-biotics, and other dietary supplements. Most physicians agree that getting vitamins and minerals from food is the preferred source. When that’s not possible, dietary supplements can play an important role.

3. Have Healthy Snacks

Having healthy snacks in your kitchen can curb your hunger for junk food. Choose healthy snacks that are easy to pack or take-along. Some great 100-calorie snacks are a banana, popcorn, and peanuts. If you find yourself craving some sugar, low-fat ice cream and half a candy bar are good choices. As you eat more and more healthy snacks you may find that your cravings will change from what you may have been eating to a more healthy diet.

If you would like more healthy eating tips, here’s an article from the National Institute of Health: