Paul Contris

Paul Contris is the Chief of Welcov Healthcare, an organization he founded in 1997. Welcov Healthcare is an award winning organization with a clientbase from across the country. Over 2 decades, Paul have been involved in providing much needed health care and medical support to thousands of patients suffering from different ailments. By providing cost effective, quality health care, Paul defined new standards of quality in his industry. His organization has been crucial in speedy recovery of many young and old citizens affected by short term and long term medical issues.

Paul has been instrumental in bringing benefits of modern technology into assisted living homes operating in Minnesota, Iowa, Nebraska, Montana, South Dakota and Wyoming. His strong belief in quality and the exemplar display of leadership has been the backbone of Welcov Healthcare and it’s staff. He is constantly updating his knowledge on the best in healthcare and ensures that his healthcare staff is trained in all areas of patient care.

Apart from Welcov, Paul is also the co-founder of Welcyon, a healthcare service provider. Paul has over two decades experience in long term healthcare industry.

In 1982, Paul earned a bachelor’s degree in accounting from the University of Puget Sound in Tacoma, Wash., graduating summa cum laude. He worked for Ernst & Whinney (now Ernst & Young) as a certified public accountant in the company’s audit division before joining Hillhaven Corporation in 1983. He served as Hillhaven’s acquisitions analyst and was instrumental in expanding the company, which at the time was the second-largest long-term care system in the country.

Paul was then recruited by Samaritan Health Systems (SHS), a hospital chain based in Arizona, to serve as its chief financial officer in charge of creating a long-term care subsidiary called Samaritan Senior Services. Under Paul’s leadership, Samaritan Senior Services grew to include 22 long-term care facilities.

After eight years with SHS, Paul helped found a new long-term care company called SunQuest HealthCare Corporation, which grew into a multi-million-dollar company that went public in 1995 under the new name Unison HealthCare Corporation. In 1996, the company’s ownership changed hands, and Paul worked as the executive vice president of acquisitions and new business development until 1997.

Wanting to continue working in the long-term care industry, Paul began Mission Healthcare with Evergreen Terrace Healthcare Center, based in Grand Rapids, Minn., as the company’s first community. In 2012 Paul launched Welcov Healthcare. Paul Contris originally founded the company as Mission Healthcare with its first community in Grand Rapids, Minnesota. We later acquired more than a dozen long-term care and assisted living facilities in Minnesota, South Dakota and Wyoming. In December 2012, Mission Healthcare completed a major step in expansion with the addition of Lantis Enterprises. The agreement included 22 long-term care centers, 11 assisted living facilities and 6 home health agencies in the Northern Rocky Mountain and North-Central Plains regions.