Medicare’s 30-day Window Saved My Dad!

“We just brought dad home from a skilled nursing rehab center Friday night and noticed on Monday afternoon his health wasn’t improving. In fact, he seemed worse.

I didn’t know what to do, since he had already used his Medicare at the Welcov Healthcare center, so I decided to call the social worker at Welcov and explained the situation we were in.

Susie, the social worker, told me about Medicare’s 30-day window and helped us understand the benefits my dad still had available. Wow, I was relieved. It meant dad’s coverage could be renewed within 30 days of discharge because more nursing and rehab care was still needed.

My dad was able to re-admit back to Welcov healthcare for another 2 weeks of skilled nursing and rehab. Thank you Welcov for saving my dad and us.”

Welcov healthcare has a team of experts to help check benefits and general questions.

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Bill and Cheri Hamilton

“Our mother suffered a stroke in January and, as a result, didn’t have use of her right side. The day she entered Firesteel Healthcare Community, daily physical and occupational therapy were started.

In the three months following her admittance, due to the wonderful therapy department, she has regained the use of her right arm, to the point of being able to write again and feed herself. They also have her standing and taking a few steps.

Occupational therapy works on daily living skills. We can’t say enough good things about this department. It has changed her life and is bringing her closer to her goal of independence.

Thank you for never giving up on her!”

Tom Priestman

Thomas “Tom” Priestman came to Touchstone to recover from a broken leg he sustained from a fall.

“The team at Touchstone Healthcare Community has me to a point where I can walk without assistance and no pain. I enjoyed the food and all of the options at each meal. I am very glad that Touchstone is here to help people like me and I am very pleased with the work they do.”

Dorothy Mekwam

Dorothy came to Touchstone after having an infection in her hip.

Dorothy states, “The team at Touchstone Healthcare Community has made me much stronger. I am grateful to the team for helping me become more independent. I am much stronger than when I first came. I recovered much faster and better than I thought I would. I love the staff and couldn’t get enough of the food. I was not taking any food by mouth when I came to Touchstone and was so happy to eat the Touchstone kitchen’s food. I am happy to say I will definitely come back to Touchstone if I need it. The staffs are really nice and they love to help people!”

Elaine Reinert

“I benefited from my stay at Touchstone by receiving good care that helped me get my health back,” says Elaine.

“I also made a lot of friends at Touchstone. Everyone that cared for me was very nice and helpful. My nurse, Crisena, was very helpful and sweet. I could not believe what a good experience I had. I made so many good friends, anyone needing care needs to get to Touchstone.”

Ruby Michelson – Former Rehab Patient

This was my fist visit to Fountain Springs and, for being away from home, this has been a really lovely place. I have made lifelong friends here. The clinical and rehab teams treated me like they honestly cared about me.

They made rehabilitation fun, which I think is a big part of recovery. My favorite memories of my time here involve the staff coming to visit me, sometimes even on their days off. They really show they care. In fact, two of the staff members even came in to visit with me on their days off. The CNA’s and nurses and I have just bonded so close. My son and daughter-in-law had been postponing their wedding due to my injury, and they decided to finally get married. I got a phone call from my daughter-in-law telling me they were going to get married here at Fountain Springs and have a reception later. We had the wedding by the fireplace, and that is something I will never forget. Some nurses came to the wedding on their day off, too! Fountain Springs even had an activities person take photos of the wedding. I am going to miss these guys a lot.

Betty Phinney

“I have Osteoporosis so bad, it has caused me to brake four bones. I have stayed at Dorsett all four times for rehab. 

The girls in the physical therapy department get me going, every time. My physician asked me, recently, if I would like to schedule my therapy sessions anywhere in Rapid City, and I told him, ‘I’d rather do it at Dorsett.” This is my fourth time at Dorsett Healthcare. You can’t help but love those Therapy girls. They make this place my home away from home. The nurses, and everyone, have treated me so kindly. You could not ask for a better place to stay for rehab or senior care. They are the best.”

Joe Schissel – Transitional Care Patient

“This is the second time I have been at Fountain Springs, as a year and a half ago I had therapy here. The care I have received is excellent and I have recommended it to a couple of friends. One actually came to the facility after knee surgery.

“What I like best about the clinical team is all the hugs! I really love it here and the rehab team wants to get done what I need. They work hard and are good at their job. The leadership team, all the way down the line, is very good! The food at Fountain Springs tastes good and I especially like the corn chowder soup and clam chowder.  I’m looking forward to going home so that I can be with my wife Marti. I will, however, miss all of the friends we made! When I come back to visit, I’m going to see another resident, Ardella and all the girls that helped him! Me and my wife Marti really loved my time here. My wife ate lunch with me everyday”.

Larry Bartlett – Former Rehab Patient

I came to Shepherd of the Valley Rapid Recovery Unit from the Wyoming Medical Center on May 13th. I had broken my hip and was in need of some extended rehabilitation before returning to my home in Lusk, with my wife.

I am a Veteran and was informed that Shepherd of the Valley had a VA contract and the VA would pay for my rehabilitation. I was not doing well when I came, but you’ve got some good people here. You have great staff, all the way from the kitchen to the nurses. Everyone made me feel welcome and helped contribute to my discharge. I would definitely recommend Shepherd of the Valley to my family and friends. I am now independent, because of your great therapists, and I am looking forward to going home on June 26th!

Linda Foster – Former Rehab patient

I came to Firesteel Healthcare Community in early May for rehab.

I want to recognize the Social worker, Jennifer, as she was amazing to work with. I loved all the nursing staff as well. The Occupational therapy staff pushed me to get well and get back home. I enjoyed my time at Firesteel.

Mrs. Knipsel – Former Rehab Patient

This was my first visit to Fountain Springs, and this has been a really wonderful place. I have never met so many nice people in my life. Both administration and the clinical team do an excellent job; not only are they friendly, they are very professional.

My favorite memories of my time here involve visiting with the staff. They really show they care. In fact, two of the staff members even came in to visit with me on their day off. From nursing to the cleaning ladies, everyone is so helpful. this is a very pleasant place. Now that I am home, when I’m not going to the Senior Center four time a week, I’m looking forward to coming back to visit with the nursing staff. Thank you Fountain Springs for all you have done to get me home!

Welcov Assisted Living at Spirit Lake, IA

Our facility in Spirit Lake, IA offers Assisted Living and Respite Care. Testimonials like this illustrate why and how we do what we do. This note was sent to Jeff Amann, our Chief Operating Officer:

Sally Dahlgren

Sally D. came to the Bethel Healthcare Community because she was having a hard time breathing and needed therapy to gain strength.

She came to us from Bethesda Hospital where she was weaned off the ventilator. When she came to us, she was capped. She was having obesity hypoventilation and sleep apnea. Throughout her stay with Bethel, she was having trouble because she was not compliant with noninvasive CPAP and we later found out that she was claustrophobic, hence the reason why she refused the face mask.

We did a pulmonary consultation and got her on the vent which is set up to BiPAP and she has been doing well since. She has good memory and participates in resident council and creates her own birthday cards to give to others. She is able to alert the nursing team if she notices something or someone is asking for help.

Her therapists worked with her on overall strength and she soon graduated to a four-wheel walker that she uses independently today. Sally said this about her therapists, “The staff treated me well and Joyce is great! We have had some really nice conversations, she fills my oxygen tank, gives me showers, and she is there when I need her. She’s a wonderful person and I like her!”

Sally enjoyed her accommodations and the food at Bethel, “The room size is good and I like that I have privacy. My favorite dishes are the roast beef and sloppy joe’s – they are really good!”

Bethel played a big role in Sally’s transition back to living at home, “The rehab and nursing teams helped me get my strength and health back and they took great care of me.”
“When I first found out that I was going to a nursing home I thought I was going to be like being in jail, but it’s not. I’m glad that it’s different than what I thought. I could sign in and out and I had company all the time. I really liked my stay at Bethel.”

Rodney Utesch

Rodney Utesch came to Touchstone because he fell at home and suffered a back injury.

His family researched different options and found Touchstone to be the best place to care for Rodney. “I liked the great care I received and everyone was really nice,” Rodney says.  “I was amazed at how much my therapy worked and helped, I was able to walk much farther. I loved my experience at Touchstone and it was way better than the typical care center. I would definitely come back if I ever need help again.”

Bruce Ross – Former Rehab Patient

I came to the Shepherd of the Valley Rapid Recovery Unit on July 10th. I had been at the Wyoming Medical Center for about 4 days, after I fell and broke my shoulder. I was advised that I needed some rehabilitation and recovery before my surgery in a few weeks, and chose to come to Shepherd of the Valley. Your Therapy Department is fantastic!!! I won’t single anyone out because they are all amazing! Everyone is so nice here and you people really know what you are doing. I’m not sure how you get so many good people all in one place! I am scheduled for surgery in August but plan to go home in the meantime. I would most definitely recommend your facility and I am looking forward to returning after my surgery, if I need more rehabilitation. Thanks for all you have done!

Nick & Connie Aulner

Nick and Connie Aulner are no strangers to the David Dorsett Healthcare Community. These two individuals have had life changing experiences that unfortunately millions of Americans will have at some point in their lives.

Nick and Connie have been married for 57 years and have been a part of the Spearfish community since 1981. The year of 2017 has brought many obstacles for this determined couple.

Connie suffered from a traumatic hip injury due to an unexpected accident which resulted in an extended stay in David Dorsett’s transitional care unit. She received intensive physical and occupational therapy services in order to regain lost function. The Aegis Therapies rehab team worked with Connie for several months to regain strength, manage pain, and increase independence with daily activities in order for her to return home safely. Upon her return home, the same therapists that have helped Connie regain her strength, were able to provide home health care and continued rehabilitation through the Good Samaritan Society. Her journey did not end there. Like many other individuals, Connie has been a participant in the many different therapy settings including inpatient, home health, and eventually outpatient where she continued her physical therapy.

Shortly after his wife’s rehabilitation journey, Nick was introduced to the transitional care unit at David Dorsett following complications to his knee where he would also receive intensive inpatient physical, occupational, and speech therapy services. Thanks to his hard work as well as the dedication and support of the wonderful staff at the facility, Nick also regained his mobility and strength to return home and continue his therapy through outpatient physical therapy at David Dorsett.

After many long months, this unwavering couple have returned home together and regained the quality of life they had their sights set on from the beginning. This is truly a remarkable success story that is inspiring to many in our community.