Welcov Healthcare Wins 27 Awards

Pinnacle Quality Insight conducts our customer satisfaction surveys and recently announced their 2018 Customer Experience Awards.

The Customer Experience Award categories include:

  • Overall Safety
  • Communication
  • Care of Patients/Residents
  • Response to Problems
  • Treatment/Dignity
  • Cleanliness
  • Quality of Food
  • Activities
  • Recommend to Others

The Customer Experience Award is awarded to providers who have achieved ‘best-in-class’ customer satisfaction in one or more of the above areas, within their peer group.

Congratulations to the following 27 Welcov Communities who have achieved this honor:

State Welcov Community Welcov Community
South Dakota Aspen Grove Belle Fourche
Dorsett Fountain Springs
Lennox Prairie View
Wyoming Shepherd of the Valley Goshen